Solo Photography Exhibition
Alireza Elahi

Opening: 22 June 2018
Ending: July 01th, 2018

“Koker” is the name of a village in the Rudbar country, Gilan. A large part of this village was ruined in the 1990 earthquake, and the number of casualties increased due to the difficult access for the aid groups. This fact forced the survivors to leave that locality and to move to the vicinity the main road.

Abbas Kiarostami has filmed the Koker trilogy (“Where is the friend’s home?”, “Life, and nothing more” and “through the olive trees”) in this village and he have shown this village to the world. But, this village is now a forgotten place – even by the inhabitants of that region.

It seems that the time has stopped in that place, everything has remained in that ominous moment for years after years, and after the omission of the human beings, the spirit of nature have taken control.